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World Snowboard Day December 18

World Snowboard Day takes place this Sunday, December 18. The global event is a celebration for the 1 plankers; an ode to the 2-edgers of the world.

To prepare for the upcoming day I thought I would shreducate myself by asking some new and old snowboarding legends the question: “What does snowboarding mean to you?” Here’s what they had to say:

Finn Finestone, Whistler grom

Photo: Brian Finestone

“Snowboarding makes me feel calm, all week I look forward to riding so I can try new tricks and get better at my old ones. Riding in powder is fun, I like the way you float and it gets all quiet.”

Brian Finestone, Whistler Blackcomb Terrain Parks Manager (Finn’s Dad)

“Snowboarding has been a part of my life for 26 years. It used to be the personal progression that kept me going but now it’s the enjoyment of sharing it with my son. There are very few things in life that get me stoked like riding deep powder!” Continue reading

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